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  • Digital Marketing Staff

    The digital marketing industry is bursting at the seams. There are an abundance of PPC marketing staff, SEO staff and online marketing staff agency. The challenge, however, is to find the experts among the throng of digital workers.

    SEO Staffing Services

    Staff Direct can assist our clients with this enormous task. As with SEO staffing, we are able to provide our clients with highly qualified, superbly skilled and well experienced candidates that will meet the client’s stated needs. Our database is updated regularly with new suitable candidates and our consultants are able to interview, screen and background check each new candidate with confidence since they are also skilled in this field.

    Digital Marketing Temp Agency

    In order to assist our client with finding exactly what they want / need for their organization temporary or permanent basis, we will need a comprehensive job specification. Working from that, the consultant will identify the qualifications and skills that the candidate should possess for this position. Then the individual components are entered into the computer and our search engine will start working through the database for possible matches.

    Right Candidate on RightTime

    As soon as a match is found, the consultant will manually match the candidate to the requirements. If it’s a match, our consultant will prepare a presentation of the candidate for the client. Once a minimum of three matches have been found, the consultant will present each candidate to the client and make recommendations. It is then up to the client to make a decision on who meets their requirements most. Staff Direct has a special relationship with our clients and we have a replacement policy in case the relationship with the candidate doesn’t work out. This is backed by our famous money-back guarantee if no suitable replacement can be found.

    Our expertise and dedication to our clients’ needs speak for themselves.