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    One of the greatest needs in the staffing and recruitment industry is having a competent trade people agency that can provide competent and qualified tradesmen and – women. This is because finding the right quality trades person is a very difficult task. Agencies who specialise in this field should have consultants that:

    1. Know what each trade entails
    2. Be able to spot competence during an interview
    3. Be able to administer small competency and qualification tests to establish the caliber of the candidate
    4. Have some knowledge and / or experience working in a trade themselves.

    If this is not possible, the consultant should be exposed to as many different trades as possible during in-service training.

    Trade Staff Agency

    Once you’ve established that the company is equal to the task. You need to be quite specific about the kind of trades person that you want or need. Many of the trades have overlapping skills and laboring agencies can easily mistake the one trade for another – which will leave you at a loose end. Some trades, like construction staffing, can be quite difficult to place. Although there is the everyday, unqualified runabout that can be found almost anywhere, construction is a specialised field.

    Trade & Construction Workers

    In construction there are many different divisions and you need to clearly distinguish which section you’re recruiting for. Candidates may range from unschooled and unskilled to an engineer. If you’ve got that right, you’re on the fast track to a successful placement.Trade staffing is a challenging job. It’s one that Workers Direct excels at and has the perfect staff complement to find the needed trades person. Our service is highly professional and is backed up by our replacement guarantee. There are few trade staff agencies that can offer you the best service as well as the best candidates at a very competitive price.