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  • Warehouse Staff

    Companies who are responsible for storing and distributing goods have warehouses that need to be manned and managed by warehouse staff. Warehouse staffing is not an easy task. Recruitment agencies have to look for the following skills when recruiting:

    • Previous experience in warehousing
    • Warehousing qualifications
    • Experience as a store man
    • Experience in logistics
    • Warehouse management experience

    In addition to the experienced and qualified staff, there are also forklift drivers, warehouse assistants, as well as warehouse helpers. Some warehouses also employ retail staff to help sell and distribute the goods In the warehouse.

    Warehouse Staffing Agency

    Staff Direct as warehouse staffing agency make sure that each staff member of the warehouse has a very specific job to do. Although it seems like a simple job to move goods around in a warehouse, there are very specific rules and regulations that each member has to comply with. To start with, the manager of the warehouse will need an appropriate qualification in warehouse management, as well as several years’ experience.

    The warehouse supervisor reports directly to the warehouse manager and makes sure that the plans and strategies are implemented. The warehouse supervisor also ensures that all the staff – from the rack stacker to the forklift driver – has the necessary qualifications and experience for the jobs that they do.

    Warehouse Staffing Solutions

    In addition to these two positions, there are several other positions for the recruiter to be aware of. Recruiting for warehousing staff is one of the specialty fields of Temp Staff. We understand the needs of the industry and know which qualifications to look for. Temp Staff is able to provide warehouse staffing solutions at very short notice. Our temps are available immediately and are ready, willing and able to perform the job required. Temp Staff also do regular check-ups to make sure that our temps are performing to expectation.