Workers-Direct Ltd is the founding company of Staff-direct and has been providing outstanding recruitment and staffing services to its clients. Since 2010 Staff-direct has been one of the leading Temping Agencies London, especially when it comes to providing temporary staff to our clients.

Staff-direct focuses more on temporary staff than permanent employees and are experts at finding the right temp for our clients’ needs. Since 2010, guaranteeing client satisfaction has been our primary motivation and we’ve actively recruited qualified and experienced people to be temps for our company.

Part of what makes us so successful is the values that guide our behaviour: Honesty, integrity, dedication, perfection, ethical. These values are entrenched in each Staff-Direct employee and even our temps are reminded to keep our values in good stead with our clients.

As Temp Agency Staff Direct is mainly focus on temporary staffing solutions. Although we are still in the recruitment industry, we are more focused on staffing – specifically temporary staff. Staff-Direct is definitely the company to turn to when you need temporary personnel.

Our professional team does this by;

  • Understanding the client’s needs
  • Identifying the best available talent
  • Concentrating on premium quality candidate sourcing
  • Delivering the service with transparency
  • Dedicated staff and management system