The founding company of the staff direct is workers- direct Ltd. And this company has provided spectacular opportunities and services of staffing to the clients. Since 2010, the direct staff agency is one of the leading agencies in London.

Our primary focus is on temporary jobs as compared to permanent employment. We provide guaranteed employees to clients, and our primary motivation is to hire qualified people to work on temps for our agency.

The most common question is what we are? The direct staff agency, as Workers-Direct, is specialized in providing temp jobs. These agencies are ideal for the temporary work market. We provide candidates on urgent, sort-term, and staying up file notice. We have many new opportunities for the new client.

What do we do? The staff direct agency works with the business and the employees. They will help the stable company to bring suitable workers for the company’s growth. And each worker has enough experience, from which he could lead the company towards success.

We still are the recruitment company, and our focus is on staffing. And when you need the temporary staff then, you can turn to our agency. Our team of professionals takes each step to understand the client’s needs, deliver the service with transparency, and concentrate on premium quality. And we have dedicated staff and management which provide numerous facilities.

Our professional team does this by;

  • Understanding the client’s needs
  • Identifying the best available talent
  • Concentrating on premium quality candidate sourcing
  • Delivering the service with transparency
  • Dedicated staff and management system