Ahead of the Recruitment Agency Technology Showcase event in June, we’ve asked all our partners for their top tips on what your recruitment business needs to look like to thrive this year.

You can download the entire Thrive in 2021 PDF.  You can also see exactly what Chris South from Roi-AI had to say here >

Roi-AI is an automated technology solution built specifically to help those in the recruitment sector.

Utilising machine learning, chatbots, referral gamification, activity tracking and email / text automation we enable recruiters to focus on the human element of recruitment.

The Roi-AI Platform

Marketing Automation

  • Get more value from your database
  • Nurture leads with conversational forms and chatbots

  • Set and forget email/text/WhatsApp marketing

  • Pre-built campaign templates

Business Process Automation

Referral Gamification

  • Maximise quality candidate referrals
  • Reduce spend on job boards
  • Fully customisable referral initiatives
  • Complete transparency for all parties

Activity Scoring

  • Bring your database to life
  • Real-time email/text read receipts
  • Customisable scoring
  • Track website activity

Behind every great idea there are many interwoven smaller ideas, Roi-AI is no different. Our recruitment marketing and business process automation platform consist of four key elements. Each of which is designed with a single goal in mind, to help recruitment agencies generate more revenue.

Even better, every part of Roi-AI has been built with a broad range of pre-built templates that can simply be turned on at the flick of a switch (button!).

Feel free to browse each platform component below or if you would prefer to see them in action, book a demo now.


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