Last week on Recruitment Smarts Live I was joined by Jeremy Tolan from Spark Hire.  I’m delighted to have a follow up article from the team at Spark Hire about how to incorporate video into your recruitment strategy.

Recruiting firms are leveraging video interviews to get candidates in front of clients quicker, improve collaboration among hiring teams, and more effectively present candidates to clients. But the benefits of video interviewing don’t stop there, and many firms fail to take advantage of the full potential of the technology. That’s why Spark Hire has put together a list of tips on how to improve every stage of your recruitment process by using video interviews.

Social Media Videos

When starting the search for a particular client, collaborate with them to come up with the unique selling points of the job or company. With their permission, create a video that showcases these unique opportunities to the candidates. At the end of the video, be sure to add a call to action instructing your viewers on what to do next. Publish the video on LinkedIn and ask your network to share/tag people who might be interested or know someone for the role.

Not only can this video be used to attract candidates on LinkedIn, but you can also utilize it in your outreach to candidates as a more engaging way to highlight the open role.

Video Testimonials From Previous Placements

Video testimonials from a client’s previous placements are an extremely effective but underutilized technique. Obviously, you’ll need cooperation from both your candidates and clients. But, if you can get that buy-in, it’s an incredible way to build social proof for your client and will make your job easier. Think of this as a Glassdoor review on steroids. You can share this as social proof early on in your communication with candidates which will get them more interested and intrigued by the job/client.

Follow-Up Videos

The objective here is to use video as a way to nurture candidates as they go through different steps of the hiring process.

For example, when a candidate is booked for an interview with a client, send them a video beforehand to wish them luck.

Or, when a client makes an offer, send a video to your candidate to reiterate why the client thinks they are such a great fit. Of course, you can say all of this over the phone too, but with a video, they can watch it over and over which helps your message stick.

Connect With Previous Placements

This is a simple way to build upon the success you’ve had with specific candidates. Chances are someone you recently placed will be open and receptive to helping you.

Send these previous candidates requests for videos at predefined points in their employment, such as 90 days in. This is a chance to see how they’re doing and ask for referrals. By staying top of mind and acting soon after the candidate lands their new job, you’ll put yourself in a good position to get referred to their friends and previous colleagues.

Connect With Previous “Silver Medalists”

Not every candidate is going to work out for your open roles, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be an opportunity to match them with a client down the road.

Circle back with these candidates via personalized videos about new jobs you’re recruiting for. These videos would be similar to the ones you’d create in the awareness stage of your candidate journey, but the goal is to re-engage these candidates. This is an excellent way to tap into your talent pool, which is probably full of those Silver medal candidates.

Sample Video Interviews

Have your active job seekers record one-way video interviews answering a few questions specific to the type of job they’re looking for. Share these sample interviews with prospective clients to promote intrigue. 

A one-way video interview is asynchronous, meaning candidates submit video responses like a selfie.

When you have a library of these recordings, you can use them in your outreach. Plus, the same samples can be used for more than one prospective client, especially if you’re recruiting for a specific type of role or within a specific industry.

By sending prospective clients a group of sample interviews, you’ll give them a better idea of the types of people you’re working with.

Presenting Candidates on Video

If your current submissions are just a CV and some notes, you could be missing out on a major opportunity where you can share multiple candidates at a time with recordings of them answering your client’s interview questions

Clients can watch the interviews on-demand, easily compare candidates side by side, and provide you with instant feedback that you can act on. Through video, your candidates become more tangible to your clients, and your clients gain more insight. This saves both you and your client a significant amount of time and energy, allowing them to then choose a shortlist to advance to final interviews. 


Effectively using video requires a similar approach to any content marketing strategy. None of these initiatives would be possible without first developing your tech stack. Make sure you’re able to automate tasks and leverage technology in a way that will drive meaningful results and gain the competitive advantage without overcomplicating your processes. Now it’s time to pick a few of your favorite ideas and start implementing video into your recruitment strategy today!

To find out more get in touch with the team at Spark Hire.


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