Our agency is famous for providing candidates in the following fields. And each field has numerous posts.


Administration work is usually done off the screen and handled in the background. These people are the ones that are hardly ever noticed. However If they are not there, their absence is sorely noted because of a lot of unfinished business. If you are looking to hire a passionate candidate on a temporary basis to fill one of these positions, you need to get in touch with Staff Direct extensive database. Our expert consultants will assist you in any way possible to find the right general admin staff for your organisation. As with all our candidates, our admin staff is also experienced enough to evaluate a candidate fulfilling all the requirements for the job role. Our Services

Hospitality And Catering Staff

Need to recruit Hospitality Staff or Chef, Our team has vast range of candidates in our database to select for different type of job category either a temporary or permanent staff. As a catering staff agency our recruitment consultants know the industry‘s latest trends and demands, and all the desired skills needed to operate in the kitchen, Hospitality and Catering industry. Our consultants are especially trained extensively to recognise the traits in potential applicants that will be able to fit in for the required job role. Some of the following required traits are as follows:ur Services

  • Perseverance
  • A willingness to work long hours
  • Exceptional creativity
  • A willingness to learn
  • Exceptional people skills as well as customer service skills O

Construction Staff

As a Construction agency Staff Direct has the knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with almost anything they ask for. Whether we have to provide construction staffing or provide dock workers or plumbers, we make sure to always have the enough candidates in our database in order to meet your requirements. Each of our candidates have to follow an evaluation process conducted by Staff Direct. We make sure every candidate is screened, intensively interviewed and their credentials are examined closely. We cross check to make sure that none of our candidates have credit or criminal records. Our consultants are very knowledgeable and are able to relate to each candidate working in their area of expertise. We make sure to follow up on each placement and monitor the progress and the performance of the candidate. Often a client has a deadline to meet. This meets that the consultant has to make sure that the candidate keeps to the performance schedule in order to keep the relationship between Staff Direct and the client positive. Staff Direct also makes sure that our candidates are happy working through us and therefore we can guarantee the highest quality of work. We have a money-back guarantee should the client feel dissatisfied with the performance of the candidate at any time. This is contingent on whether or not we can provide a suitable replacement. Our Services


There are many positions that could arise in the field of Events. Staff Direct will be able to fill any of them on short notice from event manager to event assistant etc. We have an extensive database of candidates who will be able to fill these positions. We are experienced, have the necessary qualifications and are ready, willing and able to work as soon as the job specialist comes in. If you are not sure about which requirements the candidate should meet in order to do the specific job, our experienced consultants will help you put together and set you for your desired job role. They will also help you with any other requirements that you may have regarding the position or other positions that you may have in mind. Our Services

IT And Telecom

There is always a need for skilled and technical staff in the field of IT and Telecom. We have many very well qualified, experienced and skilled IT and Telecom staff in our database of candidates. Our consultants will be able to find the right person for your position saving you a lot of trouble. Because our primary aim  is to find the best solutions for you. We not only work to provide you just the service but also go on a recruitment drive to find the right person for you if we don’t have any suitable candidates on our books.

Health Care

Staff in the field of Health Care are always in high demand and finding ones that are available is practically much harder. Staff Direct has enough of these candidates in our database in order to fulfil your needs speedily and effectively. Our health care staff have all the statutory qualifications and certifications which makes our candidates qualify for the required job positions. This class of candidates are highly skilled at what they do and come highly recommended by our consultants who deal with them on a daily basis.