Using Supply Agencies To Find Jobs

London is the economic heart of the UK producing around 25% of the entire nation’s GDP, so it’s fair to say that there are plenty of jobs in London for qualified workers. While the current COVID pandemic has made it even more difficult to find work, with the correct steps and help of Supply Agencies you can start your dream job in no time.

If you’re searching for jobs in London and you aren’t seeing any success, consider looking for recruitment agencies in London to urge on you out.

An agency like Staff-Direct can help individuals across all industries to find permanent or part time jobs in London.


Finding jobs in London

London is an extremely diverse city, not just demographically but also economically. From its financial firms to construction companies, there are excellent employment opportunities for anyone living in London. 



A few important facts nearly London’s labour market:

Supply Agencies

  • The city employed on zenith of 6 million people in 2019
  • Employment rates for 16-64 year olds is at a record high of 75.7%
  • Unemployment sits at roughly 5.1%
  • Since COVID there has been a dramatic Fall in hours worked


As can be gleaned from the statistics, employment rates have dropped slightly previously the pandemic began, but there are signs of an economic upturn which will significantly tally your prospects of finding employment.



The London Job Market & Supply Agencies 

As London is such as a diverse place, you can expect to find jobs in almost all industries. However, the city does have especially in-demand job sectors which increase your chances of finding jobs in London.



  • Professional occupations: As you would expect of a campaigner metropolis, London offers a tall number of professional roles. Currently estimated at more than 1.2 million, professional occupations make taking place a big proportion of jobs in London.
  • Management: A lot of summit firms pick to set happening base in London, meaning there are plenty of lucrative management jobs upon offer. Recruitment agencies in London are always on the look-out for capable management professionals.
  • Admin/Secretarial: Given the close services-based economy of London, administrative and secretarial positions are in particular demand. These roles are well-paid and come occurring with the allowance for an upward career trajectory for clear individuals.
  • Skilled trades: Many jobs in London can be found in the gifted trades sector. Such skilled jobs are always in demand and will continue to be so, as London continues to grow.


Finding recruitment agencies in London

Given the wealth of opportunities to be found in the capital, it remains to look for recruitment agencies in London in order to maximise your chances of finding a top job.

Some of the important facilities provided by recruitment agencies include:

Supply Agencies
  • Mediating in the company of individual and employer
  • Matching ascribed candidates with satisfactory jobs
  • Conducting recruitment speedily and efficiently
  • Using professional networks to advertise jobs
  • Evaluating all candidates


Supply Agencies

There are many more reasons why both individuals and companies can improvement greatly from recruitment agencies in London.


Boost your employment chances

Many companies trust their recruitment agency, so they will be more forthcoming about employing an individual recommended to them via an agency.


Additionally, recruiters comprehend the job market unconditionally well, so they know which jobs you have the best shot at getting.

Finally, you can improvement from the acuteness of a recruitment practiced which will add together your chances of standing out amongst the competition.



Expand your opportunities

Many lucrative jobs aren’t to be found online on the usual job websites, as a lot of businesses go exclusively through a recruitment agency.

By signing taking place with a recruiter, you can Begin applying for jobs that aren’t comprehensible through the usual channels. Additionally, recruitment experts can analyse your skills and suggest new career paths that you wouldn’t normally have considered. 


Stay on file

Some individuals, such as those looking for part time jobs in London, will prefer to stay on file with an agency and be available when new part time jobs arise.

This is an excellent artifice to earn your keep every month without committing to a full-time, long-term contract. Many individuals considering parents and caregivers pick the flexibility offered by part get older work.


Join Workers-Direct for part time jobs in London

Join Workers-Direct for permanent and part time job solutions for employees and employers.


There are part get older jobs in London easy to do to across a variety of industries, from hospitality to construction, with many of our clients ablaze to employ enthusiastic and gifted individuals.

Supply Agencies

There are many reasons why Workers-Direct is the best recruitment agency for you:


  • Great opportunities: We put it on with a diverse selection of clients from many sectors, so there are countless opportunities user-friendly for those who link us. Many of our opportunities are simple exclusively through us, so you can fast-track your exaggeration to career success by joining Workers-Direct today.
  • No yet to be fees: Some recruitment agencies in London warfare fees to the fore in order to join. With Workers-Direct you don’t have to pay anything to join, and employers are lonely charged if we successfully find suitable candidates for them.
  • World-class expertise: Our recruitment experts have worked bearing in mind many of the world’s best companies, so we comprehend what it takes to succeed in recruitment. We will help you find the ideal job and find the grant for invaluable advice to urge on you succeed.
  • Fast results: No one wants to hang approaching for months waiting to listen back from a job. We prioritise speed during our recruitment process, so we gain results quickly and efficiently for both employer and employee.
  • Broad networks: With many years of experience in the recruitment industry, we have extensive ties across many sectors. This helps us find our clients the best temporary jobs and gain right of entry to up their possibilities.


To join Workers-Direct, all you need to do is give us a call or an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can fill out your details using our application form and we’ll respond as soon as we get it.