Welcome to the Recruitment Innovation Technology Showcase special!

The event starts tomorrow at 9am and we are celebrating today by sharing one blog from each of the exhibitors. Everything you need to know can be found here.

Top recruiter tips to surviving lockdown v2.0
WaveTrackR will be running sessions called  Know when, where and what to post on your job adverts and  Attract more talent with data-driven job posting. Here they look at how different this lockdown is from part one and how to get through it.

How to Attract Passive Candidates on LinkedIn

Bullhorn will be running sessions called Do More With Less – Unify the teams, systems, and data that drive your recruitment business and Why You Should Automate Throughout the Entire Recruiting Cycle. Here they look at that ever-evasive character, the passive candidate.  (.. read more)

Why You Need to Target Your Recruitment BD on the SME Sector Right Now

Firefish will be running sessions called 5 New Services You Should Be Selling and Building a Successful Brand as a New Start Up. Here they look at focusing on SMEs as evidence shows they have been less impacted by the pandemic.  (.. read more)

Can AI in recruitment transform hiring in a post-pandemic world?

Daxtra will be running sessions called  Search and find the best talent with incredible precision and  Clean data powered by automation. Here they look at how AI will be vital to recruitment in the post pandemic world.  (.. read more)

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