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6 Ways the Recruitment Sector Changes During a Recession

It’s widely said that recruitment is different from other industries during a recession and therefore it changes in different ways. Particularly in this covid recession, which is not your normal recession. Read on to find out what the future holds in store for the recruitment industry. (.. read more)

7 Digital Recruitment Strategies to Implement During a Virus Outbreak

Digital technology has been the biggest winner this year and the recruitment industry has had to radically adapt and implement technologies far quicker than they might have planned. (.. read more)

Learn How to Do a Successful Google Resume Search to Find Candidates

Searching for candidates through Google can be confusing and time consuming but this articles takes you through it step by step in a really clear and helpful way. (.. read more)

6 Touchpoints to Refine for a Positive Candidate Experience

Written by a new hire, the article looks at the funnel of processes that they went through leading to their positive experience.  (.. read more)

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