We kick off the long awaited Recruitment Smarts Live! Want to know what is going on in the world of recruitment? Then get your recruitment smarts with us. Each week we’ll have a special guest on the show chatting about an area of their expertise.

We start on 26th January at 3pm with 5 Reasons Your Recruitment Website is Failing in 2021.

4 Hiring Predictions for 2021

It’s the first newsletter of 2021 so this is the obligatory “predictions for the coming year” article! You won’t be surprised to hear that increased remote working features in almost every single one of these that I have read! Read on to find out what else is coming.  (.. read more)

Digital Marketing Strategies to Achieve HR Goals in 2021 

Obligatory looking-ahead-to-2021-strategies article number 2. This time we’re looking at digital marketing.  (.. read more

6 Reasons Recruitment Agencies Struggle to Grow

Hundreds of new recruitment agencies are started every year but only about 20% successfully grow. “Iyou’re suffering growing pains, here’s some reasons why you might be struggling, and some ideas for how to overcome them.”  (.. read more)

Why Introverts Make Great Recruiters

I’m 100% team introvert! So this is basically a plug for all of us out there who have so many more suitable qualities than you might imagine!  (.. read more)

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