Online events are perfect for anti-social extroverts! 🤣

This week Louise is talking about How Recruiters can Win more Clients and Jobs with Lisa Jones and Erika Clifford today (Tuesday) at 2pm.

Then at 4pm she’s over on Clubhouse for “What I’ve Learnt from Running 500 Online Events” (if you aren’t on Clubhouse yet ping Louise an email for more info).

On Wednesday morning she has her regular Q&A with Cian Forde where they’ll talk about getting the most from Crowdcast (which is of course the platform we use for all our online events!).

At 2pm on Wednesday IR35 is back on the agenda as the experts from Granite bpo join Louise to answer all your questions.

Finally, on Thursday she’ll be at the Clubhouse for Recruiters Hangout.

Details of all future online events can always be found on the Recruiter Zone.

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