As part of her mission to inspire all the people that recruit people to treat people better, author, speaker & facilitator Katrina Collier, brings you The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unlimited). HR, talent acquisition & hiring managers, you will hear directly from exceptional hiring leaders who choose to partner with recruiters for the greater good of the business. Hiring managers hear from your peers as to why you too would benefit from becoming a hiring partner. Recruiters & HR be inspired to be an equal partner so you can make the recruitment experience better for all!

5 Innovative Ways Companies Are Using Virtual Reality to Recruit
Unlike Red Dwarf where Virtual Reality causes them nothing but trouble, VR can actually be quite useful in recruitment!  (.. read more)

Top 10 One-Way Video Interview Questions

One-way pre-recorded interviews can save huge amounts of time in the recruitment process and can give valuable insight into a candidate helping with short listing and finding the best hire.  (.. read more)

High Volume Recruiting: 11 Best Practices to Ace the Campaign

High volume recruiting – recruiting a large quantity of candidates to fill a lot of positions in a short period of time. Plenty of chances to go wrong! (.. read more)


5 Strategies for Growing Your Recruitment Business

“Growing a recruitment business takes hard work and determination, but beyond that you need to take a strategic approach. Whether you are planning growth by expanding your team of consultants, entering new markets or adopting new technology”.  (.. read more)


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