This week we kicked off a new series of shows with Angela Cripps from Recruiting Gym.   Once a fortnight (right here) Angela or Louise will be talking with a successful recruitment business owner as they answer the ‘Success Stories‘ 10 questions to really get to the bottom of what they know and how they do it.  Scroll right down to the see the 10 questions.  This week Louise interviewed  Claire Ackers who was a fabulous guest.   Claire started her career as a headhunter in 2005, since 2009 she has worked as a performance coach for sales teams, in 2015 she launched, Adesse, from her “shedquarters”.  She had brilliant answers to all our set questions and was a delight to chat with.  Check it out here:

powered by Crowdcast These are the questions we are asking all our guests:

  1. What was the impending event that meant you wanted to start a start-up?
  2. What gives you confidence?
  3. What were you like as a child?
  4. How do you decide what takes priority?
  5. If you’re at a networking event, sitting next to someone that you don’t know. How do you strike up a really meaningful conversation?
  6. How do you tell somebody that they are wrong?
  7. How do you maintain a positive atmosphere in a business?
  8. What do you do to get motivated, when you’re just not feeling it?
  9. What book changed your life?
  10. What have you done to help others during the pandemic?

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