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Find Skilled Administrative Professionals with Staff Direct

Assembling an exceptional administrative support team is crucial for organisational success, yet finding dedicated assistants can be time-consuming. Staff Direct simplifies your search through expert administrative recruitment tailored to your specialised needs. Discover how our connections, screening rigour and industry insights can transform your admin hiring.

Why Choose Our Admin Recruitment Services?

Attempting to directly source, vet and hire administrative staff comes with many pitfalls. Posting on job boards yields generic applicants. Social media is unreliable. Staffing administrative roles yourself means sorting through hundreds of CVs, conducting countless interviews and making risky guesses trying to determine abilities.

Partnering with specialist admin recruiters like Staff Direct mitigates these headaches through:

  • Pre-Screened Candidates - We maintain a diverse database of pre-qualified applicants.
  • Time Savings - We handle the entire hiring process end-to-end after requirements are provided.
  • Industry Expertise - Our niche focus on admin roles allows more accurate candidate matching.
  • Thorough Vetting - We rigorously screen applicants before submittal through assessments, interviews and more.

Finding the Right Administrative Talent

At Staff Direct, our administrative recruitment team focuses on both permanent and temporary placements across roles like:

  • Executive Assistants - Support executives with calendars, travel, correspondence.
  • Administrative Assistants - Manage phones, mail, documentation, office needs.
  • Receptionists - Greet visitors, answer calls, route to appropriate contacts.
  • Data Entry Clerks - Input, organise and update data efficiently with accuracy.
  • Bookkeepers - Maintain ledgers, financial records, invoices and payments.
  • Legal Secretaries - Prepare and file legal documents, liaise with clients.

No administrative support role is too unique or complex. Our recruiters leverage vast networks to uncover candidates with the specialised skills and experience you need.

Our Unique Approach to Admin Staffing

Certain factors distinguish Staff Direct's approach to administrative recruitment:

Specialised Industry Focus

With an exclusive focus on office support roles, our recruiters gain unmatched insight into sourcing and assessing administrative talent.

Custom Screening

We tailor assessments and interviews to the particular abilities needed for each administrative position.

Personality Profiling

Determining fit with company culture and managers is crucial, so we evaluate demeanor, work styles and professionalism.

Ongoing Candidate Development

We continually coach candidates on enhancing CVs, interviewing, workplace conduct and more.

Diversity and Inclusion

We access wider talent pools and give candidates of all backgrounds opportunities to elevate their careers.

Benefits of Partnering With Our Agency

Companies who leverage Staff Direct's administrative recruitment enjoy considerable benefits, including:

Time Savings

Recruiters manage the entire hiring process – from sourcing to offer stage.

Reduced Risk

Rigorous vetting ensures only pre-qualified candidates are submitted for your review.

Quality Matches

Our screening identifies candidates that align with your exact qualifications and culture needs.

Temporary or Permanent

Engage administrative staff flexibly through temp assignments or direct permanent hires.


We provide resources to help rapidly staff up (or down) to meet changing business demands.

Streamlining Your Hiring Process

We follow a refined 360 degree recruitment process designed to efficiently deliver qualified admin candidates tailored to your needs:

1.    Requirements Analysis - Consultations with hiring managers to determine needs.

2.    Targeted Sourcing - Leveraging extensive networks to identify prospective applicants.

3.    Interviews & Screening - Conducting specialized assessments of abilities and fit.

4.    Submittals - Providing client with most qualified candidate profiles for selection.

5.    Offer Guidance - Advising on fair offers and negotiating to secure candidates.

6.    Onboarding - Assisting with paperwork, orientation and onboarding.

Connecting with Experienced Administrative Candidates

In addition to advantages for hiring organisations, partnering with Staff Direct offers perks for administrative job seekers including:

  • Exposure to unadvertised opportunities and insider market knowledge.
  • Guidance on effectively highlighting qualifications and experience.
  • Interview preparation and feedback.
  • Assistance evaluating fair compensation and benefits.
  • Ongoing career development support and continuing education resources.

We open doors to elevate deserving administrative professionals.

Client Success Stories and Testimonials

"The administrative assistant Staff Direct placed exceeded all expectations. She quickly mastered our systems and became invaluable to increasing department productivity." – Operations Manager, Logistics Company

"We needed to rapidly hire temporary assistants during a company expansion. Staff Direct sourced qualified candidates who assimilated quickly." – HR Director, Marketing Agency

Expert Insights on Administrative Recruitment Trends

Key developments influencing administrative recruiting include:

  • Increased adoption of virtual administrative assistants and remote workers.
  • Growing demand for assistants proficient in latest software, CRMs and apps.
  • More roles supporting specialised departments like IT, HR, engineering, etc.
  • Recruitment process automation and AI to enhance candidate sourcing.
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives opening access to wider talent pools.

Navigating the Competitive Job Market

With administration roles in high demand, having a trusted recruitment partner provides an advantage to both employers looking to hire as well as job seekers competing in a tight labour market.

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