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This is a guest post from Neil Purcell, CEO of Talent Works International, as part of our Recruiting Weekly Series. Neil shares his thoughts on why promoting your employer brand is crucial in scaling your business.

Every employer has an employer brand, no matter what size the business or what stage it’s in. However, in a growing business promoting your employer brand is more crucial than ever.

To grow, an organisation usually needs to attract more talent. A business needs people to expand whether it’s launching a new product or service or trying to grow the business in new markets and on alternative platforms. An employer brand plays a vital role in attracting talent, particularly in a young company which can’t rely on their name and reputation alone to bring in applications. Instead, these businesses must create a great working environment and promote their culture, values and mission to candidates in strategic and creative ways.

Startups and scaling businesses often have a great company culture and atmosphere. They’re unique places to work that have ambition at the centre. Employee satisfaction is usually higher at these businesses because people feel their work makes an impact, and they’re passionate about what the company is trying to achieve. However, being a great place to work and having a good employer brand is only useful for attracting talent if people are aware of it.

92% of candidates would leave their current jobs for a role at a company with an excellent reputation. In a new business, this means you have to create your reputation. Use your employees and USP to sing your praises, as you can’t rely on your name to do all of the talking. Promoting your employer brand is all about celebrating what makes your startup or scaling business a great place to work. Consider what makes you unique and why your employees like working for you; this should help you to attract the talent that will thrive under your unique culture.

Here are just a few reasons why promoting your employer brand is a crucial aspect of scaling a business:

Helps to attract quality candidates

In a scaling business, every single hire is essential. Your small team must be made up of the right people if you hope to grow successfully. People with drive, determination and a passion for your organisation will help you to take it further than people who are merely looking for a nine to five. In the early stages, your people make up the DNA of your organisation and help to form its character and purpose. They not only play a vital role in helping you scale but in defining who you are, which is why you need likeminded and talented people on board from day one.

To attract these high-quality candidates scaling businesses need a strong employer brand and must promote it in a way that makes the company values, mission and culture clear. 80% of talent acquisition managers believe that employer branding has a significant impact on the ability to hire great talent. It positions you an employer of choice and a desirable place to work for top candidates. Employer brand promotion increases your chances of hiring someone who believes in what you’re doing and is enthusiastic about helping you on your mission.

Being strategic in your promotion means that you can show your employer brand in places where talented people will see it like on specific social media platforms, using targeting to reach relevant, qualified people. Having an ideal candidate in mind will allow you to tailor your promotions and strategy to ensure you’re targeting the right people for your business and resulting in quality hires.

Supports retention

Experts claim that employee turnover can be reduced by 28% by investing in employer brand. This is because your employer brand resonates with your staff; they love the company culture, what the business stands for, and most of all, value you as an employer.

In a growing business, the last thing hiring managers want is to be replacing staff regularly. If your business is going to scale, you need dedicated people, and you don’t have time for your core team to be changing every few months. Therefore, promoting your employer brand well from the beginning ensures that candidates understand the type of business they’re joining. By promoting the emotional driving factors for your business, you’ll connect with candidates and employees. Their work will have a sense of purpose or at least suit their lifestyle, and they’ll be less likely to look for new opportunities. Think about the non-tangible aspects of your employer brand and include them in your awareness campaign, as it will be these emotional factors that will motivate your staff to stay with you for a long time.

Allows you to compete with established business

Startup businesses and scale-ups have a unique advantage over established and more corporate companies; their company culture. Developing firms are renowned for a more flexible and often fun approach to work. They also provide opportunities for learning and development, which can be very attractive to talented people hoping to take the next step in their career. By promoting these elements that make your scaling business unique, you can compete with even the most prominent names.

In the last year, there’s been an enormous shift in perspective and what employees desire is changing. This is where growing businesses have an advantage. They can adapt quickly and offer solutions like working from home or flexible hours much more easily than their corporate counterparts. Suppose you can incorporate these messages into your employer brand promotion. In that case, you should be able to resonate with a considerable number of candidates who are craving a new approach to their working life. You may even be able to tempt experienced talent away from these competitors if your employer brand messaging and promotion can communicate these aspects effectively.

Keeps your values in line as you scale

Any employer brand works hand in hand with an employee value proposition. The employee value proposition (EVP) outlines what your team can expect from you as an employer and what you expect from them in return. When developed properly, an EVP is a great way to communicate with your employees and show what makes you the best company to work for; influencing your employer brand. Therefore, your EVP and employer branding can help to keep your values, culture and mission in line as you scale.

It’s easy for scaling businesses to lose themselves and get overwhelmed in becoming bigger and better. However, for a company to succeed, it must have a strong sense of self. This is where your employer branding comes in. You need to know who you are and what makes you unique, but as you scale, so does your growing audience. These communications will help your business to remain authentic, keeping the same heart and soul that originated your organisation in the first place even if you hire hundreds of people.

Saves recruitment costs in the long term

Finally, investing in your employer brand as you scale can help save recruitment costs down the line. Communicating and promoting who you are as an employer from an early stage will help spread the word about you and your mission; helping more and more candidates to learn about you. This means that when you’re ready to hire, you could potentially have a pool of engaged and interested candidates ready to apply for your open roles, resulting in more quality applications without the cost of advertising. As your team grows the power of word of mouth could be increasingly important in your talent attraction. You may attract people through employee referrals or having employee feedback on websites like Glassdoor or your social media platforms.

With a strong employer brand, your next hire could even come to you directly. This is particularly exciting in a scaling business when the roles you’re hiring may not be as clearly defined. The perfect person could come along with an offering and a cultural fit that makes sense.

Author, Neil Purcell – CEO of Talent Works International Neil Purcell - Employer Brand

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