With the advance of digitalisation and jobs having taken a hit, it has become an increasingly competitive market for recruiters over the past year. Now more than ever it is essential for recruiters to add value. Emily Buckley from WaveTrackR explains why recruiters must become partners rather than just suppliers.

We live in an increasingly digital age and, with the world being forced to relocate online for much of 2020, Covid-19 has fast-tracked this. The pandemic has accelerated our reliance on – and therefore the development of – the internet and smart technology. So what’s stopping employers from bypassing recruiters and advertising directly through LinkedIn or going straight to the job boards? What value do recruiters hold in 2021? The answer lies in the very human nature of recruitment, of relationship building and nurturing, of a fundamental understanding of what a business needs now and in the future. Recruiters must be partners and not just suppliers.

IT & Internet is booming. WaveTrackR data has shown that IT has consistently posted amongst the highest percentage of jobs across all industries over the past year. Tech is creeping into our lives at an ever-increasing rate, there continues to be an escalation of automation, and some employers have questioned the value of recruiters when they can simply utilise LinkedIn or one of the many job boards in existence. Recruiters must therefore demonstrate that their value lies beyond the transactional nature of talent supplier. Quality recruiters are top talent relationship nurturers, diversity champions, providers of advice on positive employment policies, recruitment partners. They are experts of the marketplace, brand ambassadors for each and every client.

The importance of maintaining and nurturing both client and candidate relationships cannot be overstated. Whether clients have 100 jobs, ten or none at all, recruiters need to keep in touch on a regular basis. During the first lockdown, when hiring essentially froze for many industries, it was the recruiters that continued to phone and email clients that those clients returned to when they did have jobs. The simple act of offering to chat with no agenda will be remembered long after the pandemic is over. WaveTrackR data is showing that, on average, jobs are higher than in that first lockdown but have dipped to similar levels seen during the second lockdown. Be the recruiter that is highly visible, that keeps talking, that helps and offers advice in good times and in bad.

Candidates, too, will trust you over other recruiters if you stay in touch, keep them updated and build a relationship with them. Even if you don’t have the right job for them, quality talent can be added to your internal talent pool so that you have access to the very best when the opportunity arises. Building, diversifying and nurturing pipelines is essential in order to deliver talent when there is need. Seek out talent even if you don’t currently have the jobs to match them with. Reaching out, starting conversations, engaging them through social media channels, nurturing relationships, will allow you to create that all-important talent pool – something that tech definitely can’t do.

Invest time in your clients by getting to know them and their business needs, plus their forecasts for the future. Having meaningful conversations about the state of the sector you recruit for with those working in it will help you to do your job better. Recruiters need to take the time to fully understand a company’s culture, its existing workforce, and the industry they are in to be able to provide the talent that they require. This is where the partnership role comes in – recruiters must be seen as partners rather than suppliers. Partners are long term, invested in the company and returned to again and again. Partners provide real value. Recruitment partners don’t just supply CVs, they offer advice when it comes to recruitment best practice, to employer branding, to the kind of employee benefits candidates want to see now, to diverse hiring and the positive impact that can have on a business. Recruitment partners contribute to clients’ businesses in multiple ways.

Ultimately, digital tools will never replace the humanity of a recruiter – the personal interactions with clients and candidates, the mentoring, partnering, advising role that technology simply cannot replicate. Indeed, technology allows recruiters to focus more on the human side of recruiting, cutting down the admin time so that recruiters can do what they do best. Recruiting is a people profession. It requires people talking to people. It requires a deep understanding of people. It is so much more than a mere transaction. It is a partnership and that is where the value lies.

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