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Without working with a professional agency, managing to hire temporary staff can be very difficult as most businesses simply don’t possess the resources and networks to effectively hire their own temp staff.

Will temporary agency staffing work for your business?

Sometimes business will only require the odd temp workers here and there, to fill in for absentees or help during exceptionally busy periods. However, many other companies will frequently need temporary staff as their business depends on it.

If any of the following applies to your business you may need temporary staff:

  • Working on urgent projects with short notice
  • Seasonal surges in demand
  • Frequent absentees
  • Regularly short on numbers
  • Struggling to hire permanent team members

There are plenty more reasons why businesses need to hire temporary staff. In most cases, a company can undoubtedly benefit from temporary agency staffing, as it helps them in a number of ways:

Relieve the burden

Recruiting your own workers can be stressful and time-consuming. Having a professional staffing agency working on your behalf removes the burden. This frees up resources to allocate towards other areas of your business that need it most. All the laborious paperwork will also be the responsibility of the agency.

Hire top candidates

As recruiters are experts at spotting talented individuals, you can expect the quality of hiring to be much higher when working with an agency. Whether it’s temp staff or permanent team members, your business always stands to benefit from better quality workers. Staffing agencies use careful evaluation strategies to assess all candidates and ensure only the best remain.

Adapt to the world

Sometimes the decision to hire temporary staff isn’t made voluntarily by a company. It is forced upon them by circumstances outside of their control, such as absentees, new projects or sudden changes. Agencies help you to find new workers quickly and efficiently, so your business can easily adapt to circumstances and stay in full operation.

Tips to find the best staffing agencies

Just as you want your employees to be exceptional at what they do, the same applies to any staffing agencies you begin working with. This is especially true if you need to hire temporary staff, as specialist temp agencies are going to be more effective at the task.

  • Reliability: When your time of need comes, you want your recruiter to be up to the task. Sometimes hiring temp workers can make or break your business, so it’s important to have a reliable recruiter to work with. Testimonials and reviews from previous clients are a good insight into how reliable an agency is.
  • Specialism: Hiring temp workers isn’t the same as conventional, long-term recruitment services. It requires exceptional speed and efficiency to get deals done in just a matter of days or even hours. Look for specialist temp staffing agencies if you need to hire temporary staff.
  • Policies: Staffing agencies are free to implement their own policies, so find an agency with perks that work for you. For example, some agencies like Workers-Direct have a ‘no upfront costs’ policy, so you don’t have to pay a thing to start benefiting from their services.

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